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This program allowed me to look at the world through an economic standpoint and I enjoyed connecting the ideas I learned here with business information I had previously learned. I was also able to meet unique people and make great friends and lasting memories.
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- Isabel Xu

Economics for Leaders, UC Berkeley '23

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A selective summer program that teaches student leaders how to integrate economics into the process of decision-making in an interactive learning environment.

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The program pedagogy combines content lectures, hands-on classroom activities, and case studies. A highlight of the program is a field trip that illuminates the challenges and solutions to a specific environmental issues. 

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For entrepreneurs to turn their big idea into a thriving business, they need more than just passion, grit, and accounting skills. An understanding of the economic concepts that explain human behavior and drive the global economy is key.

Economics for Leaders Virtual student

Interactive sessions introduce participants to the “economic way of thinking” and build an understanding of leadership skills in a fun-filled series of tasks and dilemmas.

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